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See what all the buzz is about! The original Concept Z rocked the industry with its groundbreaking CZB technology.  Pushing the edge of design, engineering, and materials forward is what the Z is all about.  The NEW Gen II Concept Z SLD doesn’t disappoint, it starts with the new SLIDE magnetic cast control system located in the perfect place for anglers to adjust without missing a single cast.   Control casting downwind and then upwind on alternating casts with a flick of the thumb.  Pitch, flip, or just let it fly by combining or isolating the Low-Friction Centrifugal braking with the magnetic SLIDE braking.  Zero Corrosion CZB Bearings and an Advanced Polymer drag system are placed within the new rock-solid Cast Iron Carbon frame and side plates. This design sets the new bar for material innovation.

Key Features

  • Slide Magnetic Cast Control System

  • CZB Bearing Technology

  • Hi-Tech Cast Iron Carbon Frame and Side Plate Construction

  • Ti-Armor Aluminum Hamai Cut Drive Gear

  • 20 lb Advanced Polymer Drag System

  • Alert Drag Clicker

  • Zero Ball Bearings (6 CZB Bearings, 1 Dead Stop Anti-Reverse)

  • Arrowhead Line Guide

  • Reinforced Clutch Cam

  • KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper

  • Generation II Hard Anodized Worm Shaft

  • Low-Friction 6-Way Braking System

  • Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate

  • Trick Shop Compatible


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