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Fishing style

  • The Snapper Snack® is best fished with a thin strip of bait to maintain the natural swimming action of the skirt. Fresh squid and thin strips of baits are a great choice. Just make sure the barbs of the hooks are well exposed.

  • Don’t strike when you feel a fish bite, just lift your rod tip steadily and start a slow wind. Snapper Snack® rigs use inline recurve KLT® hooks which will self-hook, usually in the corner of the mouth.

  • When you know you have a fish on, just wind in steadily and slowly. You might score a second fish while close to the bottom as Snapper Snacks® are a two hook rig and ‘double headers’ were very common during tackle testing.

  • Tie your sinker close to the bottom hook. This will ensure that your baits are as close to the sea floor as possible. Snapper and a lot of other species feed on the bottom so having your bait close to the bottom is essential.

  • Snapper Snack® rigs are very versatile and can be fished while anchored or on the drift. They can also be fished from the shore, as they are great for casting.

  • Wash your Snapper Snack® rigs after using them. Although they are rigged with PTFE coated KLT® hooks which are highly rust resistant, it’s always best to wash them down to increase their lifespan.

  • All Snapper Snack® skirts are high in  UV and lumo content. If you’re fishing in deep water or at night time, try charging up the skirts with a UV torch; this will make your Snapper Snack® glow brighter and for longer period.

  • Although Snapper Snack® rigs were designed to catch Snapper, they can catch a wide range of other species in New Zealand and Australian waters.

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