Black Magic Strayline Snell


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Key features

  • Pre-tied strayline rigs offer the angler the ultimate in both quality and convenience. Featuring high penetration Black Magic C POINT® hooks, each rig consists of two hooks and a lumo bead tied on 60lb Tough Trace.  There are three rigs per packet in the following options:

    • C POINT® hooks: bottom hook 6/0, upper hook 5/0

    • C POINT® hooks: bottom hook 7/0, upper hook 6/0

  • C POINT® combines precision chemical sharpening with a high-tech point that features a smaller barb and 3 micro cutting edges

  • Classic suicide or octopus pattern with a bent back eye and offset point

  • Strong and durable – The best premium grade high carbon steel and they are nickel coated ensuring a longer point life with great rust resistance

  • Black Nickel coating for improved corrosion resistance

  • Convenience, just tie them on and you’re ready to fish

  • 3 rigs per pack

  • Manufactured in Japan with a precision crafted and super sharp, chemically sharpened point

Fishing style

  • Baited hooks

  • Designed for ‘striking’ when the fish bites or runs with th


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