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265mm long and 175g – tail weighted to cast extremely well.

Another Unique Nomad Designs creation, which may at first look like a typical baitfish profile floating stickbait. However, the Riptide has been designed with a V shape belly design and carefully placed weights that allows you to make this big lure do a walk the dog surface retrieve, in addition to the long rod sweep underwater S shaped swimming and splashing action.

The relatively flat sides and concave scallop along the body adds to the distinctive S shaped action. This design also creates a distinct body roll at slower retrieve speeds as well as the S shaped swimming action that drives fish crazy.

Purpose built with HD ABS plastic and foam filled, the 2mm machine stamped metal plate through the body   then creates the ultimate tough lure. Ideal for GTs, dogtooth tuna, kingfish and tuna.

Ideally rigged as follows

Belly hooks – A pair of BKK Deep 11/0 6X or Owner SJ-41 13/0. Cable tie the hooks back to back.

Tail Hook – Double split rings with a BKK Deep 6X 13/0 or Owner Jobu 9/0-10/0



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