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The Okuma Azores is a specialist heavy duty spinning reel that advances the saltwater spinning reel category to new levels of strength and stability.

Featuring 6+1 stainless steel HPB bearings, machine cut pinion gears, and the Okuma Dual Force Drag system that produces up to 20kg of drag pressure.

A die-cast aluminium body, side plate and rotor have been combined to form an outer shell that is extremely rigid, tough and lightweight. The machined aluminium, 2-tone anodized spool provides ample line capacity, making it ideal for a range of heavy tackle situations. 

In order to provide protection against saltwater penetration, Okuma’s Mechanical Stabilization System and Corrosion Resistant Coating process prevents the flow of electrolysis between the aluminium body and stainless internal parts. 

Finished in stunning silver and black cosmetics, the Okuma Azores is an intelligently designed, tough and rugged performer that you will be proud to own and use. 

Available in a Z-55, Z-65, Z-80 and Z-90 sizes.


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