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We would think that it is nearly impossible that an Australian angler would not have, at some point, used Platypus fishing line. It is possibly the most recognised brand of fishing line here in Australia. This comes from a reputation that has grown from the companies first days of fishing line manufacturing back in 1889, when fishing line was more or less a thin rope. How things have changed. Company founder George McPherson may never have imagined the profound impacts technology and modern materials would have on fishing line. Four generation of McPhersons later, George’s decedents know all about it. The McPhersons are still making outstanding quality Platypus fishing line from their factory in Brisbane, over a 100 years from when Platypus first began. You can only survive this long by delivering excellent quality consistently.

Platypus Platinum monofilament is an outstanding general purpose mono and probably their most popular for the broader range of fishing applications. It is affordably priced and offers an excellent fine diameter and superb strength. Through innovation, even more sensitivity and reduced stretch has been achieved making it an excellent choice for casting both natural baits and lures. Abrasion resistance is of an exceptional quality usually seen in far more expensive fishing line. There is an excellent range of breaking strains from 4lb to 30lb available on 300 meter spools. Simply Choose which size you need when ordering


  • Spools: 300 meters

  • Colour: Blue

  • Platinum is thinner than most monofilaments

  • Low stretch

  • 100% Australian made, owned and operated

  • Ultraviolet inhibitors

  • Heat stabiliser

  • Platinum is a co-polymer nylon monofilament


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