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The Shimano Tiger Baku Baku jigs are an all-new release to burst onto the Aussie reef lure scene of late, and catches of snapper and many other species are already rolling in around the country on these Japanese designed kabura jigs that are taking no prisoners!

Kabura jigs, also termed sliding jigs, are a deadly slow jig type comprised of a detachable system of dual hooks, skirt and head that tightly piece together to form what is essentially an octopus/squid profile. The soft skirt provides the movement and conceals the assist hooks, and are a focal point for attack, while the rock-like profile offers a super-fast sink rate which gets you down in the strike zone and on the fish in a flash. This efficient sink rate also enables you to maintain contact with the bottom and the desired strike zone, and work some subtle movements on the jig, while providing you direct contact with your jig for fast hook-sets if needed. 


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