Shimano Excence Strong Assassin 125F Flash Boost


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Embracing Shimano’s Boost Concept, Exsence Strong Assassin features three of Shimano’s key lure technologies to maximise appeal and performance. A Flash boost body integrates a mirrored insert within the lure’s body structure, vibrating to provide a continuous internal reflection of light and UV. This is amplified by a counter weighted spring mechanism which ensures that vibration is maintained even when the lure is paused, continuing to invite fish between movements. The Jet Boost spring loaded weight harnesses the centrifugal force of casting, boosting both distance and accuracy, allowing the lure to access difficult to reach points. Shimano’s signature ‘Scale Boost’ finish provides a life-like holographic pattern to emulate the brilliance of scales on the side of a bait fish, for the ultimate natural appeal.


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