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The new Speedmaster game series utilises Shimano’s strong and lightweight TC4 blank technology to deliver a dependable tournament game fishing and deep drop line-up. Quality Fuji SiC guides with an AFTCO Roller Tip provides control and preserves the performance of your line during the fight and ensures you keep the upper hand against whatever you may hook. To guarantee your favourite Shimano game reel fits perfectly to the rod, an aluminium Pac Bay reel seat and channel lock butt is used for the ultimate in strength and durability. This is especially important as the strength and rigidity of your outfit will be upheld when under fighting load. Tested on some of Australia’s hardest fighting game fish, the Speedmaster Game series covers 5 models across 15-, 24- and 37kg line classes for trolling and livebaiting, including a dedicated 7′ 24kg land based game (LBG) rod and a 5’6″ PE 8-10 deep drop rod.


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