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The development of Shimano’s new CI4 carbon infused material has given birth to the Stradic CI4. Ultra-lightweight, precision componentry and clever design from Shimano engineers resulted in an unexpected present to Stradic fans around the world.

Upon first impressions, the Stradic CI4 posses both ultra smooth and sleek panache yet resonates elements of aggression and power. Leave it to Shimano to create the ultimate combination of style and advanced technology! A rapid weight reduction is sure to set the tone for micro-sized spinning reelsin the future, boasting up to 25% weight reduction to that of similar sized reels.

The Stradic CI4 also features Shimano’s Paladin gear durability enhancement, Propulsion Line Management System, Aerowrap II oscillation, S & SR Concepts, Waterproof Drag, Machined direct-drive handle with EVA grip, Fluidrive II, Dyna-Balance and Super Stopper II – in fact, there are too many to list. The range features two models (1000 and 2500) ideal for precision lure casting for everything from Trout to Jewfish and are backed by Shimano Australia’s legendary 10 year warranty.


  • Ultra-lightweight CI4 Frame and Sideplate Construction

  • Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement

  • Propulsion Line Management System

  • S & SR Concepts

  • Aluminium Spool

  • Machined Aluminium Handle

  • Round EVA Handle Grip

  • Waterproof Drag

  • Fluidrive II

  • Floating Shaft

  • Dyna-Balance

  • Super Stopper II

  • Repairable Clicker


Product Code Mono Cap. (kg/m) Capacity Power Pro Gear Ratio Retrieve Per Crank cm Bearings Drag Power Weight
STCI41000FML 01/01/74 01/03/80 6.0:1 74 6+1 1.8 173
STCI41000F 01/01/47 01/05/72 6.0:1 74 6+1 2.7 176
STCI42500F 01/03/83 01/08/62 6.0:1 86 6+1 7 198
STCI43000F 01/03/05 01/10/15 6.0:1 89 6+1 7 204
STCI44000F 01/04/10 15/240 5.8:1 94 6+1 9 264


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