Zerek Flat Shad X Weedless 145mm 32g


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The Weedless Flat Shad X incorporates a Kevlar webbed tail that is segmented to provide incredible movement from the boot tail. This creates a rolling action as well as a beautiful undulating tail that fish can’t help but attack when retrieved at the slowest of speeds.

The Weedless Flat Shad X also has a stinger eyelet attached on the weighted worm hook giving anglers the option to add a treble stinger or attach a flashy blade. But the innovation doesn’t end there! There is also a further stinger attachment eyelet above the eye of the lure on the head. This allows anglers to place a treble up on top in weedy or snaggy country and swap out the bottom stinger for a flashy blade or similar.

Available in 11 colours that include natural patterns and attractor colours, the Jighead Rigged Flat Shad X will be available in a 130mm 23g, 145mm 30g and 170mm 44g option.

The Weedless Flat Shad X really does provide unlimited rigging and fishing options and is a genuine revolution in the Flat Shad range. 


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