Zman Darter 6″


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Designed in conjunction with elite inshore angler Captain C.A. Richardson, the 6-inch DarterZ features a slender profile and forked tail that mimics needlefish, ballyhoo and sand eels — all delectable, desirable prey species for many inshore gamefish. The DarterZ soft, durable material withstands numerous strikes, even from toothy saltwater gamefish. The bait’s segmented body amplifies its accentuated swimming and darting action. Belly and dorsal hook slots allow for easy weedless rigging with a ChinlockZ™ SWS weighted hook, or on HeadlockZ™ or Eye Strike® jigheads to canvass the entire water column. Imbued with salt for extra casting distance and for neutral buoyancy during the retrieve. Richardson calls it “snook spaghetti” for good reason.


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