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The BKK Harpax Inshore is a heavy duty piece of terminal tackle. Designed to target big fish and heavily tested in Australian waters by the BKK pro team on species such as Snapper, Coral Trout, GT, Barra, Jacks and even Black Jew to name a few.

The Harpax Inshore boasts a short shank 2X-wire HD hook equipped with a corrosion-resistant Bright-Tin coating for saltwater use. Super sharp, the Harpax features a sticky straight point for immediate hook-ups. The bait keeper is a split design providing superior grip on plastics of all kinds, particularly the super soft 10X material where you need it most giving the angler the confidence to cast hard and work the plastic aggressively.

The Harpax Inshore also features an utility eyelet on the bottom of the head to upgrade it with a teaser blade, an additional treble hook or a stinger. Plus the bonus of  being able to ‘hook’ 10X plastics over the bottom eyelet as an additional anchor to keep them in place.


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