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You won’t find a more real-life looking lure on the market than the Jackall Transam 95. It has a forked tail and the colour patterns have real attention to detail. The 20-gram weight will give you excellent casting distance and it will sink quickly, which is important when fishing in deep water. There are several techniques to use with this lure. You could hop the lure up and down off the bottom and across shallow reefs, use it while vertically jigging, or cast it out and retrieve it quickly through schools of baitfish. These lures are dynamite for offshore predators like snapper, kingfish, tuna and many more. It has a super-tough construction that makes this practically indestructible, even when targeting species that have sharp teeth. The 95mm is suitable for both fresh and salt water applications, such as golden perch, Murray cod, snapper, kingfish, tuna and many others


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