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SMM Deep Drop Fishing Pencil Maxi LED Light

The bigger brother of the Pencil Mini is the Maxi at 170mm long and more power! Reusable Deep Drop Fishing Light made from PC Plastic for deep water fishing and designed to cope with the pressures for up to 700m or more! The SMM Pencil lights are colour coded for easy identification, no more guessing which colour light is in your tackle box. The unique O-Ring design ensures no leaks keeping these units water tight for extended use. Simply replace the batteries as required and you are good to go again. Super strong swivel style anchor point at the base, and fixed anchor point at the top, allowing for use in line or in front of lures. Perfect for all deep drop applications and squidding. 

Available in Blue, Green, Red, White and Multi (Rainbow) colours.

Depth Range – Up to 700m

Type – LED Flashing

Size – 170mm

Construction – PC Plastic

Battery Requirement – 2 x AA (Batteries not included)

Operating Time – 500hrs (Average)

Features – Grease-able O-ring seals for maximum waterproofing. Super strong construction with swivel base. 


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