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ChinlockZ HD Hooks have been designed for fishing un-weighted plastics on the surface or on a dead slow sink and are perfectly suited to locking the super-soft and flexible, 10X Tough ZMan plastic in place so you can cast hard and work your plastics aggressively. This weedless design also resists fouling and snagging allowing you to fish heavy cover. 

ChinlockZ HD are built on a heavy-duty super-strong, chemically sharpened black nickel Mustad Ultrapoint worm hook and feature a chin lock that is moulded onto the hook using a metal that is lighter and stronger than lead. The light weight ensures that the ZMan FrogZ float the hook, while other sinking plastics sink more naturally, rather than plummeting head first to the bottom. 

Simply thread the hook down through the chin of the plastic at 45 degrees, feed the hook through and lock it on! Whether youre buzzing a FrogZ, twitching a StreakZ or slow sinking a ShrimpZ, its locked and loaded, ready for action! ChinlockZ HD are initially available in a heavy-duty 2/0, 4/0, 6/0 and 8/0.


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